Less Than Jake’s Vinnie Fiorello on his New CBD Brand, Sailor Diggen’s Finest


Many musicians slap their name on a perfume and call it a day if they want to venture into a new business, but when you’re a punk rock drummer, you go into the cannabis business and immerse yourself in it. At least, that’s what Vinnie Fiorello, drummer of iconic punk rock band Less Than Jake, did with his new CBD brand, Sailor Diggen’s Finest

For over 25 years, Vinnie Fiorello toured with Less Than Jake, spending about an hour and a half “beating the drums up” every show. After a while, it started taking a toll on his body, and he was developing wrist and shoulder problems. He was looking for solutions, but nothing was quite cutting it. Minimal relief was found with common remedies until a tour stop in Denver, Colorado, when a friend recommended heading to the dispensary to check out some of the creams and salves they sold there.

“After talking to someone behind the counter, I settled on one cream and started to make it a daily ritual,” he says. “I…


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