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A Gregory Siff painting has the transcendent ability to transport someone back in time, when doodling on a notebook as geometry class dragged on was the only creative way to get through the monotony—and that might be precisely what the world needs right now. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the globe, nothing is “normal” and Siff is learning to adapt. 

“We have to pay attention to it, because it’s the first thing that’s on your mind in the morning,” he says from his home in Los Angeles. “Some days we’re thinking about it and the other days we’re like, ‘Let’s just paint’ and everything is OK.” 

Every morning, Siff and his girlfriend—fellow artist Brittney Palmer—wake up at their home in West Hollywood, go for a two-mile run and return home for breakfast. They then corral their dogs into the car and make the 15-minute drive to their art studio where they’ll spend the entire day creating. Like Groundhog Day, they go home, wake…


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