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We’re officially in it. It’s October: the season of the witch is upon us and we’re finally able to sit outside, smoke some cannabis and live our best spooky autumn lives without feeling like we’re going to turn into a puddle of sweat. It’s Libra season, the air sign represented by the glyph of the scales, who’s dedicated to the heart and justice. This is the perfect opportunity for us to connect to love…while using cannabis to help us do so, of course. 

Libra season is a chance for us to work with cannabis and love magick as a way to recommit to ourselves. It’s time for some love, sex, and magick, baby!  Venus, the planet (and Goddess of the same name) who rules over love, sex, glamour, wealth, abundance, receiving, and victory, is Libra’s planetary ruler, meaning that all of these wonderful traits are also associated with this sign. 

This is an ideal time to work with cannabis as an aphrodisiac and heart opener, especially as we ebb closer and closer…


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