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In the weeks following my phone interview with Melissa Etheridge, her son, Beckett, fell victim to a fatal opioid addiction at the young age of twenty-one. As part of her healing process, Melissa played an online concert “Heal M.E.” Saturday, June 20th, which raised money for—and awareness of—opioid addiction. The performance is available to stream on Melissa’s website.

The thoughts Melissa shared during our conversation in regards to spirituality, life, death, and the oneness of humanity, take on a new meaning with the passing of her son, and make her messages of hope, love, and unity all the more powerful.

Growing up in Kansas, what sparked your initial interest in music?

Melissa Etheridge: I grew up a child in the sixties and a teenager in the seventies, which were years filled with amazing music. Rock and roll was coming alive. I had an older sister who was into The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, while my parents were very much into the folk rock scene and soul…


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