Miami’s Annual Cannabis and Glass Convention


Every February, the city of Miami hosts one of the most unique borosilicate glass shows in the world. Deemed the 1k Show, this annual event combines the budding cannabis and glass scene in Florida with artists from around the globe to give collectors an affordable shot at owning otherwise expensive work. In only its third year, the show has continued to grow in popularity in both attendance and size, showcasing over 100 artists this year to the public for free.  

Organizers Errl Chamo and Jay Stax have teamed up year after year to procure some of the best art from both new and established artists from around the world. While collecting glass and consuming hash is nothing new to them, it has definitely been a learning experience hosting the 1k Show at different venues. Miami has a deep history with art, and the current scene is thriving with events like Art Basel and spaces like the Wynwood Yards. The story that led to the first year starts a few months before the inaugural…


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