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Ultimately, there are no answers—only more questions. And back in May, 1994, High Times tried to keep the question as simple as we could for what was then our 20th anniversary issue.

What about pot?

Asking only for a memory, a moment or fleeting thought, Malcolm MacKinnon compiled the recollections of a few of High Times’ favorite people who were kind enough to cast a little light our way, including Allen Ginsberg, Hunter S. Thompson, Tom Robbins, Ken Kesey, Peter Coyote, Timothy Leary, and Paul Krassner, to name a few. Among them was Michelle Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas, whose short yet nonetheless amusing account we’re republishing below on the occasion of her 76th birthday June 4.

Happy birthday, Michelle!

Our rented car with almost all our worldly possessions had been stolen from the underground car park on Franklin. We reported it to the police and, in the pace of events, forgot about it.

After moving to Flores, we had a visit without…


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