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John Knock, a nonviolent first-time offender, has been serving two life sentences, without parole, since 1996, or 24 years in prison so far, for conspiracy to distribute cannabis. He is 72 years old. His son was not yet three when he went to prison. 

Knock, who did not plea-bargain and never turned states’ evidence, was convicted on a conspiracy charge where no marijuana was actually found. 

Despite the miscarriage of justice, Knock’s prison record has been consistently impeccable. Yet, for reasons unknown, he has been passed over for clemency by the past four U.S. presidents. 

This draconian sentence and lack of compassion that has kept an elderly man with medical conditions in a federal prison during the coronavirus pandemic is beyond cruel. 

Possible Relief in Sight 

Attorney David Holland, who previously served as assistant legal counsel for High Times magazine, is hoping to bring this decades’ long nightmare to an end. 

After years of appeals…


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