Owning your Demons with Cannabis, Meditation, and Tarot


It’s nothing new that cannabis can help us access new creative worlds. Artists, witches, and stoners all know the power of ganja to help us align with unseen energies, opportunities and experiences; after all cannabis is a door to an altered state of consciousness. When we intentionally tap into this medicine, both as a tool for creativity and healing, we can not only gain a new sense of inner awareness and peace, but we can also learn to own our darkness and inner demons as well. And when we work with cannabis, alongside other modalities like meditation and tarot, then we really have the opportunity to unlock new insight and modes of consciousness, typically unseen and unfelt in our mundane life. 

What better time to dive deep into the shadows of Self than in Scorpio season? This water sign season is a chance for us to commune with our inner darkness and shadows, and to transmute this heaviness into light through intention and artistic creation. I talked to double Scorpio,…


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