Pride Month Shows That Cannabis Events Work For Just About Any Occasion


One of the more intriguing, creative, and lucrative aspects of the cannabis industry has to be its events and event planning. As the market steps further out of the darkness of the illicit market, the public is beginning to understand just how many ways cannabis can be incorporated into an event. 

Much like how virtually every job sector in the workforce is being replicated in cannabis, so too are events. From popups to underground mainstays with physical locations, experiential gatherings are all the rage, and likely won’t stop for the foreseeable future. Some lounges in California have offered a glimpse of what a legal social consumption lounge can look like. Meanwhile, the underground also provides a look into what may be the future for cannabis events. 

Event planners and producers are getting in on the action as well. The already lucrative wedding market is now seeing a boom thanks to cannabis-centric weddings. If the “wedding tax” is real, just imagine that…


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