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We all know many ancient religions were founded on wisdom provided by psychedelic experience. What you may not realize, however, is that there are still religions based on sacramental mind-expansion. For the January, 1990 issue of High Times, we sent intrepid psychedelic adventurer Peter Gorman to find out what was happening on the fringes of faith.

Droning music plays on an old boom box. Over it, dubbed onto the tape, someone reads scripture. Michael, just 22 or 23, with straight brown hair nearly down to his waist, lights the raspberry leaves he’s put in the hookah bowl. I suck the white-smoke sacrament and put the mouthpiece down.

I have no idea how high I will get and worry about that. I worry, too, because I am with a stranger and have no idea whether or not this is the right stranger to be getting high with. The whole scene is a little shaky: I’m in a New York City tenement, sitting on the floor beneath a loft bed, smoking a bowl of raspberry leaves which are…


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