Remembering Charlotte Figi, the girl who help popularize Charlotte’s Web


Charlotte Figi, the little girl who inspired millions of people around the world as she and her family launched a movement that led to widespread changes in marijuana laws, has died due to complications related to coronavirus.

Speaking for her family, a friend announced Charlotte’s death on the Facebook page of Charlotte’s mother, Paige Figi, late on April 7, 2020.

“Charlotte is no longer suffering. She is seizure-free forever. Thank you so much for all of your love,” read the post, which also asked the public to respect the Figi family’s privacy.

Charlotte, who was 13, suffered from Dravet Syndrome, a rare drug-resistant epilepsy that begins in the first year of life in an otherwise healthy infant. 

Over the past several weeks, Paige Figi and her partner Greg Iafeliece had been posting updates on social media pages, detailing how the coronavirus had torn through their home, affecting everyone in their family of five, and ultimately sending Charlotte…


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