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2017 was a tough year for Tara Jane Forrest. She’d suffered a terrible accident that literally broke her back, resulting in a complete separation of the L4, L5 and S1 vertebrae in her lower back that also caused her to lose all feeling in her left leg. The only option on the table was major surgery, and with it the promise of painkillers.

“I had never undergone never had any major surgery of this nature before and was very scared of what I knew about pain management and the potential addiction to opioids,” begins Forrest. “Since I was already familiar with the medicinal use of cannabis I decided to use hemp derived CBD for pain management. It was the only legal option available to me in Georgia: 100% Hemp Derived CBD with 0% THC.”

Lo and behold, Forrest recovered from the procedure without having to rely on opioids, a fact which many could argue is a miracle in and of itself. She’d taken something else from the surgery, too, which was a swift kick of…


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