Sherbinskis Profile in The New York Times Signifies Shift in Weed Journalism


In “A Marijuana Brand with Loads of Street Cred” published by The New York Times this week, Alex Williams tells the tale of Mario Guzman AKA Mr. Sherbinski, a cannabis breeder who rose from San Francisco’s underground pot community to head, after legalization, one of the fastest-growing brands in an exploding industry.

His story, to be sure, is compelling.

Starting with a 30 square-foot garden in his Sunset District garage, Guzman has created world-class genetics including the strains Gelato and Sunset Sherbert, and now manages cultivation operations from Mendocino to Santa Barbara that encompass more than 1.2 million square feet. His strains have received mentions in more than 200 hip-hop tracks and led to collaborations with Nike and Barneys of New York’s flagship store in Beverly Hills.

Williams effectively sets out to demonstrate the esteem and influence Sherbinskis has on a nascent industry and, more broadly, our society. But his piece, in itself, also…


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