Simon Rex Is Winging It


In a strong deviation from his previous work, Simon Rex—aka Dirty Nasty—confides he’s recently completed a kid’s album. “I’ve done all the music I could do about getting my dick sucked and doing coke, so I thought, let me flip things on their head and do a kid’s album. I thought it would be hilarious.” Littered with good morals and cute music, the record was recently purchased by a cartoon animation company, which is currently in the throes of animating the project to life.

Over the course our lighthearted phone conversation, Simon reflects upon his early years as a model, his breakout as an MTV VJ, his ensuing success as an actor, a respected foray into rapping/producing, returning to interviews via his podcast, “Nervous Rex,” and his continued journey following new and different paths.

Growing up, did you always have a funny perspective on life?

Simon Rex: I grew up an only child in the 80’s in San Francisco around a bunch of weirdos. My mom was a…


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