Six Couples Open Up About Working In Cannabis Together


Going into business with your significant other isn’t for everyone, but for these couples working in the cannabis industry, it’s been a journey they wouldn’t trade for anything else.

When Amy Ludlum and Peter Bishop met at the end of 2016, their shared entrepreneurial drive was evident from the beginning.

“On our first date, we talked about almost nothing but startups,” Ludlum tells High Times. “The passing of Prop. 64 in California caught our attention, but it wasn’t until one fateful night when we whipped up a cannabis drink on a whim, using simple tincture and some grapefruit juice, that things really clicked.”

That same night, the twosome agreed to start a company to test out their idea.

“Several all-night bottling runs and dozens of happy customers later, we knew we were onto something,” Ludlum says. “It was then that we both dropped everything and took the plunge.”

The end product? California Dreamin’, a low-dose cannabis soda currently…


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