Stoney, Sexy Magick for Sagittarius Season


It’s almost the end of the year and the decade, and we have no choice but to celebrate the rest of 2019 with a bang. As we enter fiery Sagittarius Season on November 22nd, we may be feeling more inspired and turned on by life, ready to set our sights ahead on what, and who, we want to get done. This is a chance for us to claim our desires and own our pleasure, taking after the glyph for Sagittarius, the archer. This sign loves the subversive and is known for being kinky as hell, so what better time to explore kinky, stoned sex than now?

While I’ve talked about sex magick many times in this column, the overlap between cannabis, sex magick and kink felt like it needed to be explored in its own context, so I enlisted the expertise of  sex and cannabis writer (and sex and weed witch), Sophie Saint Thomas, whose debut book “Finding Your Higher Self: Your Guide to Cannabis as Self-Care” is out December 10th. We talked about how cannabis can enhance experiences with kink,…


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