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From the August, 1980 issue of High Times comes an enthusiastic testimonial to Tai-Chi from an author known simply as “R.”

Do you remember how grateful you felt to the person who passed you your first puff of Santa Marta gold? Well, someday you may feel as grateful to me for turning you on to Tai-Chi as you were to that guy. It’s that good a high.

Tai-Chi is one of the least well known, but in many ways the best, of the physical disciplines of the East to make it to America.

Now I know that it’s severely frowned upon by followers of Eastern ways to say something is “better” or “the best” way. Many ways to the One, many Paths and all that. And no respectable Tai-Chi master, teacher or disciple would talk about it or make the sort of comparisons to herb highs that I would. But I never claimed to be respectable. And face it, if you have to choose one of the many ways, if you’re looking for some physical way to raise your energy level, to get the kind…


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