Talking Jazz and Cannabis With Lettuce Founding Member Ryan Zoidis • High Times


For nearly three decades, jazz-funk virtuosos Lettuce have been traveling the world and sharing their righteous brand of sophisticated, technical, and incredibly fun music anywhere they could to everyone willing to lend them an ear.  So, it comes as no surprise that over those years the band has built a global community of incredibly passionate fans and remained one of the most interesting and active acts of their genre.

Never satisfied with settling into one particular sound or style, Lettuce is constantly pushing themselves and their music into new territories and tackling more and more ambitious projects. The band’s newest album, Resonate, is culled mostly from a single marathon recording session with legendary engineer/producer Russell Elevado (D’Angelo, Alicia Keys, The Roots) and continues to showcase the group at their tightest and most captivating. 

Recently, we were able to catch up with Lettuce founding member, songwriter, and saxophone player Ryan Zoidis to…


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