Talking Yoga, Body Positivity, and Cannabis With Jessamyn Stanley • High Times


Body-positive advocate and wellness motivator, Jessamyn Stanley is making waves in the wellness community with her down to earth, lovable and outspoken personality. She is unapologetically herself in the best way possible. Despite her busy tour schedule, Jessamyn carved out some time to chat with us  about her personal growth through yoga, using cannabis in her practice and the newfound fame she is receiving. She also addressed the cultural stereotypes that exist in the yoga community and how she is using her voice to call them out. 

Based in North Carolina, the award-winning yoga instructor weighed in on the hype surrounding cannabis and how it partners with her own yoga practices. Jessamyn is deeply passionate about the plant as a self-care tool, especially in her yoga practice. “Yoga allows us to see and experience the light within ourselves and cannabis makes space for that light to shine. I tend to use cannabis before and after my practice,” she said. Cannabis also…


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