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Two great satirists take the High Times blindfold test in a February, 1981 interview with Victor Bockris. On the occasion of the late Terry Southern’s birthday May 1, we’re republishing the whole thing below.

William Burroughs and Terry Southern, independently and in concert, midwifed, suckled, weaned and reared the very special consciousness of our age. Naked Lunch and Candy, Nova Express and Dr. Strangelove, The Ticket That Exploded and Red Dirt Marijuana; if the one most special thing about our age’s consciousness is its wholehearted affinity for blowing itself to bits regularly on strange drugs, we have Messrs. Burroughs and Southern to thank for that. Both are now, in their middle years, anointed American Writers from the South, and everything that could possibly mean they embody. These two guys can get away with just about anything now.

High Times culture condor Victor Bockris had for over a year been looking for an occasion to formally interview Terry…


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