The Alchemy of Love By Glenn O’Brien


Back in a simpler age, people believed that when they’d fall in love they’d hear birds and violins. Now we know the truth: Your brain belches phenylethylamine and sets off your norepinephrine system. It’s all in “The Alchemy of Love” by Glenn O’Brien, originally published in the September, 1980 issue of High Times.

Love comes on like acid. Same sort of weak feeling in the stomach. Same sort of hallucinations. Love is a trip. It can give you a rush like cocaine, making your nerve endings feedback like guitars. It can make you obsessive and paranoid like speed. It can get you strung out, hooked like smack. You can OD on it, bum out, lose everything. Or it can give you incredible visions, new perspectives, a feeling of calm, meaning. Pleasure beyond description. It can build you up or bum you out. It can kill you or make you live again. You can’t buy it over or under the counter. A prescription won’t help you, unless you find the right witch doctor. Love is the drug…


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