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Prolific Australian psychedelic artist, TROG and his work have become synonymous with weed culture. You may have spotted him at any number of cannabis events around the world, working in real time on one of his paintings. Word has it if you collect psychedelic art, TROG’s work is a must-have, with Vice Magazine showering him with accolades, stating he is “The dopest illustrator and choof aficionado Australia has ever produced.”

His work has been shown and followed around the world, with pieces in music videos in collaboration with numerous musicians and celebrities, including Cheech & Chong, Snoop Dogg, and the Kottonmouth Kings, to name a few. 

“The first pieces of art I created for Tommy Chong were two posters for my good friend Charlie from the Monroe Street Fair and the Hashbash Festival in Ann Arbor, Michigan,” he said. “They were used as official signing posters for Tommy, and I’ve created many more posters for him since, and it’s been an…


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