The Hidden Truth Behind Joan of Arc


In the July, 2003 issue of High Times, B.L. Setab took a look at how a young, illiterate peasant woman like Joan of Arc could lead an army. Why would seasoned soldiers follow her? How was it that she appeared impervious to harm and quickly healed from wounds in battle? Where did her voices and visions come from? A counselor and hypnotherapist, B.L. Setab, M.A., studied the use of the quantum mind and how it may be accessed through marijuana and other natural psychoactive substances. Her keen interest in historical research from a psychosocial perspective led her to conclude that consciousness and the brain evolved hand in hand with psychoactives. Her research into Joan of Arc and other historical figures and eras is consistent with this perspective. To celebrate Joan of Arc’s birthday, which is widely believed to be January 6, 1412, we’re republishing the following article.

It is difficult to understand a 15th-century person through the lens of another time, but Joan…


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