The High Priestess: Magical AF Black-Owned Businesses To Support


Welcome back stoners and witches, to the latest installment of the High Priestess. We are officially in Cancer season, the watery and sensitive nurturer of the zodiac who welcomes us into summer. The world at large is intense right now; we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, no matter what the federal government wants us to believe, and the protests and movement for the wellbeing of Black people and racial justice is still in swing. 2020 is a year of great change; it’s written in the stars and it’s reflected in the physical realm. Because of this we know that this place is also taking place in the energetic realm; as above, so below. Everything is everything, and while I am mourning the fact that I won’t be able to sit at the cemetery and have a picnic and smoke a joint with my friends, or dress up, hit the bong and take photos with my friend Ivory for this column, I also recognize that this portal is one that’s necessary. 

And since this is a cannabis…


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