“The Hog Farm Movie” Chronicles the 1960s Campaign Trail of a Pig


One of our country’s longest-running hippie communes, the Hog Farm was a ragtag group of free-thinkers helmed by Hugh Romney, later known as Wavy Gravy. Shortly before the Hog Farm set up an ad-hoc free kitchen at Woodstock, they conscripted a 300-pound pig named Pigasus to embark on a cross-country campaign trail bound for the presidential convention in Chicago, touting the pig as the so-called Yippie Party candidate. The whole thing was chronicled in The Hog Farm Movie, a 37-minute odyssey originally shot on 16mm film in 1967-1968, almost lost but now digitally restored in HD and finally available for public viewing on iTunes.

The Hog Farm Movie is far from a traditional documentary. An assemblage of nonlinear storytelling, the film is equal parts historical record, home movie, and surrealist fantasy—a hallucinatory trip back in time for a journey across America with a caravan of 40 painted buses and two geodesic domes—plus a band and a light show to boot.



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