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In his twenty-eight years, THEM, the mysterious photographer behind the @WeedNeedThem Instagram account, has learned that creativity, like cannabis, has many different faces. His blunt shots illustrate how cannabis, the ancient nymph that she is, can lure you into a hypnotizing trance, push you to the edge of anxiety, and ravish your soul with true creative fulfillment.

THEM’s relationship with cannabis is incredibly raw and appreciative, but it is also relatively new.

“Growing up in the 90’s and experiencing a hint of the 80’s crack era, [I was] steered away from drugs or any alcoholic substances ENTIRELY,” THEM shared in an Instagram message. “My mom, grandmother, and grandfather were all addicts during that time.”

His father was a well-known local DJ in Brooklyn. The house and techno-beats that he dropped around the city like gems inspired THEM to find solace in his own creativity through music and photography.

“Music was always my first love,”…


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