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“As a Black man who [has] struggled with feelings of unworthiness and lack in the past, my message has always been to push myself and the people forward, from fear to love…from self to selflessness…from nothing to something,” Ace Hood wrote in this Instagram post commemorating the life of George Floyd, the African-American man who was murdered by four Minneapolis Police Officers. Everyone approaches revolution differently, and for the Haitian-American rapper, the first step to starting a revolution is to look the man in the mirror squarely in the eye and remind him that he has more control than he thinks. 

His latest project “Mr. Hood” carries a unique sound. If you listen closely, you can hear that the ambitious hustler that DJ Khaled introduced us to 12 years ago has now become a man, well aware of his influence. 

“‘Mr. Hood’ is a project based on me recognizing my power and taking that power back. Internally it was me finding my truth and not living…


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