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Reggie Watts lives and breathes creativity. The musician/composer, comedian, talk show band leader, and actor wears many hats but, to Watts, they are all ultimately different expressions of the same in some energy. Whatever Watts is doing, whether it’s a song or a joke, it’s all about the messages being sent and the connections that are forged. Watts recently launched his own app to communicate directly to fans called, appropriately enough, WattsApp. 

Tired of the restrictions, advertisements, and eyesores that come with most forms of social media, Watts wanted to make a home for his own imaginative content. An app free of ads and that doesn’t sell data to advertisers or third party organizations. WattsApp is a free space to create and connect for the artist, who High Times named one of the 100 most influential people in cannabis back in 2018. 

Recently, Watts told us about his vision for WattsApp, staying in the moment but thinking about the future, and connecting…


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