The Used Release Bloody Nose Off New Record “Heartwork” • High Times


Bert McCracken has lived a lot of lives. From humble roots as a rebellious teen in Utah to becoming one of the most prominent frontmen in the world of the modern punk scene, it’s safe to assume he may be jaded, or just over it. For most punks 20 years in, they’re lucky to even be alive—let alone in good shape—but Bert’s somehow found a way to harmoniously string his past intensity with a new, cleaner, and healthier lifestyle, complete with a wife and two kids, and citizenship in Australia.

It wasn’t an easy road to get here, though. The Used has a long history of being the loudest in the room, and while shouting tragic stories that could shake the most stoic, Berts lyrics have always offered an insightful perspective years beyond those he’s lived. With live performances such as this, that which rival any of the greatest to showmen in history, the highs and lows are definitively polar. Like many in the limelight, Bert struggled with addiction, loss, and an insane…


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