The Weedmaps Buyers’ Guide: Lighters and Torches


In the world of weed accessories, designer lighters and torches are far less popular than swaggy stoner favorites like smoking devices, smell-proof gear, and branded apparel. 

Perhaps it’s because lighters are so incredibly losable, appearing in your pockets in great abundance at the beginning of a night out, before all but vanishing come sunrise — like pumpkins from some sort of Cinderella-esque patch. Or, perhaps, in the same vein, they’re losable, they’re also perpetually free, popping up regularly enough in your life that you are rarely forced to actually purchase one yourself. 

Either way, it’s funny how lighters are so overlooked in the world of stoner swag given how instrumental they are in the act of actually getting high. Whether you’re combusting cannabis flower to toke up the traditional way or heating concentrate at mind-numbing temperatures, here is a comprehensive guide to the best lighters and torches on the market. It’s 2020, time to up your…


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