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In honor of Timothy Leary’s birthday, we’re bringing you an excerpt from his book Terra II, originally published in the June, 1974 debut issue of High Times.

Poet, psychologist, prophet and psy-phy author, Timothy Leary (now in Vacaville Prison) is easily one of the most vilified and celebrated personalities of the last decade. In his landmark books, High Priest and The Politics of Ecstasy, he explored the resources of the human minds and its awakening through psychedelic substances.

Terra II is the grand culmination of Leary’s research into the human condition. It is a proposal to construct an intergalactic ark of immense proportions, a surrogate earth to carry five thousand volunteers into the center of the universe in an endless voyage of discovery and harmony.

Evidence has been cited that Higher Intelligence probably exists on planets most likely to be located in the direction of Galactic Center. Evidence has also been summarized that life on this…


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