Tripping the Light Fantastic, or How I Learned to Play Hockey on Acid • High Times


Author’s Note: This is a true story. Well, as true as this kind of story can be, given that it involves boarding school, public humiliation, and my whole team dosing ourselves with a super strong batch of LSD before going to get our asses kicked at Andover, the Goliath to our David.  It’s like Bad News Bears with hockey instead of baseball.  And on acid. I’ve written 16 books.  Two of my memoirs are being turned into TV shows.

I’m 16 when I get shipped away to Boarding School for my sins.  The school’s sick with bright, gifted, spindled, folded, and broken teenagers, almost all of whom have been expelled from someplace else. I fit right in at Boarding School.

We have the worst hockey team in the history of the league.  Halfway through the season, we’re 0-5. We’ve scored 4 goals, and let in approximately a kazillion.  We’re going on the road, to play Andover, one of the hoitiest of the toity prep schools in America. 

Suddenly Rat bursts into our freezing,…


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