Weed brands and products support LGBTQ organizations for Pride


The celebration and support of Pride holds a special place in the cannabis community. Due to the tireless efforts of HIV/AIDS activists who dedicated their lives advocating for the medical potential of cannabis, Proposition 215 was passed in 1996. Also known as the Compassionate Use Act, the California law was the first to permit the use of medical cannabis, making the LGBTQ community directly responsible for the legal weed we enjoy today. 

Each year, Pride week sees cannabis brands partner with LGBTQ organizations, launching promotions such as limited-edition Pride products, charity initiatives or (digital) Pride events. All contribute a portion of proceeds to said organizations, or to the benefit of the the queer community.  

While the weed industry continues to evolve from a legacy-market boys club to the fully inclusive space it will become, as of now, there are only a handful of LGBTQ owned-and-operated brands for consumers to support. This year,…


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