Weed games to play when social distancing is a thing of the past


Kicking back and smoking alone can be a good time, but smoking with friends is almost always better. For us, getting creative and coming up with a weed game is usually a better time than playing a tired drinking game.

There’s a lot of smoking games you can play in a group, most of which will get you plenty high, but before the games begin, here are a few pointers to make sure you don’t get too high:

  • Stick with joints or dry herb vapes instead of concentrates or edibles
  • Use a strain with low to moderate THC
  • Don’t mix weed and alcohol
  • Don’t take hits between games

Something to keep in mind during the time of COVID-19: most of these games require sharing joints, pipes, bongs, or vapes, and do not take into account social distancing. So make sure that before planning a smoking game night, consider local and CDC guidance to keep yourself, family, and friends healthy and safe. 

Bong Pong

Basically beer pong, but with weed. Break your group up into teams of…


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