Weedmaps Buyers’ Guide: Pipes and Bongs


Like every aspect of the wild world of weed, how we smoke it has evolved considerably. What started as fumbling through a pack of rolling papers, has become puffing shatter out of a Puffco Peak at your ten-year reunion. 

While there have never been more ways to get high than right now, bongs, pipes and traditional dab rigs are still some of the most effective ways to medicate. More importantly, these products are exempt from the technological issues futuristic smoking accessories like vapes and electronic rigs frequently experience. Plus, there’s something enjoyable about a simple hit of good weed from a clean glass bong.

That’s not to say that the analog world of smoking accessories hasn’t seen an explosion in innovation since legality. Widespread acceptance has made it okay to want your bong to be as stylish as you. 

Here’s our buyer’s guide to pipes and bongs, with some dab rigs and a bubbler sprinkled in for good measure. 


JET Water Pipe…


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