Weedmaps Buyers’ Guide to Rolling Trays and Grinders


The world of weed is evolving at an extremely rapid pace. From e-rigs and sublinguals to crystalline concentrates and infusing machines, technology is changing the product game faster than most consumers care to keep up. 

As technology makes advancements within the cannabis products themselves, smoking accessories like grinders and rolling trays have followed suit. 

A combination of metal weed grinders and wooden trays, both of which were to be kept hidden at all times, has now advanced to electronic grinders buzzing like tiny blenders, smell-proof trays that fold up to fit in your wallet and uber-chic smoking accessory art objects catering to the high end. 

And since the days of breaking up weed with your hands and rolling a joint on the thigh of your pants are a thing of the past, here’s the Weedmaps Buyers’ Guide to rolling trays and grinders. If you’re reading this, you’re clearly an evolved stoner. Shouldn’t your accouterment be, too?

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