Weedmaps Is Giving Away Ice Cream


At Weedmaps, we’re all about the good stuff, which isn’t always limited to weed. July brings two culturally significant days to cannabis consumers: 710/OIL Day and National Ice Cream Day. 

A dedicated subculture within weed celebrates July 10, referred to as OIL Day for landing on 7/10. In weed culture, 710 is OIL upside down, which refers to cannabis concentrates (some have an oil-like consistency). People who “dab” cannabis concentrates aren’t as widespread or common as consumers of other cannabis product types, but they are among the most knowledgeable and devoted to weed culture. Every year their dedication to their niche cannabis lifestyle inspires the cannabis industry to try to make July 10 “happen,” much to the confusion of the majority of cannabis consumers. 

But nearly everyone loves ice cream. And there’s really no better excuse to eat ice cream than National Ice Cream Day on July 19. So we figured, why not celebrate both? 

We’ve decided to give…


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