Weedmaps Roundtable: Cannabis and Motherhood


Though cannabis has made great strides in public perception the past couple of decades, certain groups are still wading through the waters of complete acceptance. The decision to partake in an edible or pull from a pipe shouldn’t make one a pariah if that person has a child, and yet, here we are.

In a world where the “wine mom” is celebrated — and even encouraged — across advertisements and social media, shouldn’t mothers who enjoy a joint here and there feel just as welcome? After all, they’re unwinding after a long day, too — why does booze tend to be the only answer to taking the edge off every once in a while?

To tear down the unnecessary shame and stigma that tends to muffle women’s (and especially mothers) voices, we spoke with three moms who proudly enjoy the fruits of legalization. Businesswomen, entrepreneurs, and advocates, these women have heard it all when it comes to raising children and opening up to the weed community.*



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