What is Weed Wine? What to Know About Drinking Cannabis-infused Wine


No beverage has escaped an infusion of cannabis — even wine. Infused wine has ancient roots, though today’s “weed wine” is a much different product than what may have been drunk in early Egypt. And the production of modern infused wines comes with unique challenges, as infrastructure is created alongside developing laws. 

Like other contemporary THC-infused beverages, cannabis wine plays into the growing trend of swapping alcohol for weed. Weed wine caters to a niche audience, filling a space for people who want a social and relaxing beverage that’s not weed beer or stoney cocktails.  

Weedmaps News spoke with entrepreneurs and weed winemakers to better understand the emerging world of cannabis-infused wine and the challenges this new and innovative industry is facing.  

What is weed wine? 

The history of cannabis-infused wine may be surprising. Cynthia Salarizadeh, founder and president of House of Saka, points out, “Cannabis-infused wine has been…


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