What to Binge-watch with Weed


Since the act of binge-watching has gone from guilty pleasure to socially acceptable and encouraged, I’ve been asking people what I should catch up on or revisit. It quickly became a very long list. Then, I made a separate list of shows that would be that much better with weed. 

You know, the shows where the jokes just land harder, the dramatic moments are more intense, the plot twists more surprising after you’ve hit a joint a few times or the edible has kicked in. 

So place a weed order and start these choice selections with your favorite weed product. 


The Good Place 

This is also an excellent time to [re-]discover The Good Place. I don’t want to spoil the concept, but it’s a light-hearted inventive idea about good and bad and how things aren’t always black and white. 

Breaking Bad 

Chances are you…


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