What’s in Your Stash? Brad Bogus, VP Growth & Marketing at Confident Cannabis


Of all the conversations punk rocker aficionado Brad Bogus wanted to nail, it was an interview with the former Music Editor, now Editor-in-Chief, of the Denver Post’s vertical The Cannabist, Ricardo Baca. 

The interview took place in 2016, post legalization, and before Brad Bogus had a clue his career would be changed forever in the cannabis space. After nailing the interview, Bogus’ and Baca would work together at The Cannabist for five months before Baca exited, his first foray into the cannabis industry as General Manager for the publication.

Brad Bogus studied acting with a focus on Shakespeare at Texas State University, then was in a BA program at the University of Houston. But his life has been all-in for punk rock, among his eclectic and extensive list of interests.

“My interests are diverse,” he shared. “I paint, play music, and sketch a little. I also have an interest in astrophysics, history, and the outdoors – everything from bouldering, hiking, to competing in…


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