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Cal Marshall, aka Calcaliente, hails from Orange County in Southern California. He now makes his home in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he’s been focused on branding, social media exposure, and storytelling within the cannabis industry. 

But his road to weed had a few bumps. At age 15, he made the unwise decision to burn an eighth of flower before school, inducing a full-blown panic attack.

“Yeah, I was one of those kids,” he laughed. “Ended up in the emergency room. I had literal tunnel vision, everything was distorted. My heart rate went through the roof and I thought people could hear my thoughts. The whole school found out—super embarrassing!”

A series of recent studies details some potential negative effects from the psychoactive ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. The amount of the compound used in each study or trial is typically in question, as many lean too strong, administering just the THC, leaving other beneficial compounds behind.

That said,…


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