What’s in Your Stash? Casey Ly, Chief Revenue Officer, Bloom


Casey Ly worked ten years helping start-ups achieve their goals before becoming Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) in charge of business development, sales, and branding for Bloom—a California company specializing in smoking oils and pre-rolls.

Ly earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology from the University of California, Los Angeles, graduating in 2011. 

“I never really expected to pursue a career in anthropology after college,” he shared. “I was very fortunate to study the subject, though, because it taught me a way to look at the world objectively.”

During college he worked at then-start-up Opportunity Green, a facilitator of sustainable business conferences, giving him his first experience in sponsorships and corporate sales.

“My career in sales began before I managed sales people,” he explained. “I understand things by doing, so I find it difficult to instruct people in tasks I haven’t done myself. Starting as a cold-caller was a great way to…


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