What’s in Your Stash? Centeria Hall, Flower Host at Lowell Farms Cannabis Café


Los Angeles native and flower host, Centeria Hall, is ecstatic to be part of the historic staff at the ground-breaking Lowell’s Cannabis Café in Los Angeles. 

“It’s just starting to sink in – the greatness of the place, and the importance of the work I’m doing,” she says from her home in Los Angeles. 

Different from a food server, the flower host visits your table and helps you have the best recreational and/or medicating experience ever by pairing the finest flower with food, all while keeping customers safe and level headed.

“I have to be thoughtful on how I approach our customers,” she shares. “Just like in budtending, we can’t give medical information, we can’t diagnose, and we can’t lay claim to the benefits of the plant—even if we know from personal experience that cannabis might work for a certain symptom.”

Medicated, not high, is key, as each human body varies in dosing and protocols, depending on lifestyle and diet.  The flower…


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