What’s in Your Stash? Cullen Raichart, CEO GreenBroz, Inc. • High Times


The man who has invented some of the most high-tech automated harvesting equipment in the industry enjoys smoking his CBD flower with a surprisingly simple tool.

“One of my favorite implements is a corn cob pipe,” he shared from his home in Las Vegas, Nevada. “But, I’m also a fan of a good old-fashion joint.”

Raichart founded GreenBroz, Inc. in 2012 with his automated trimming machine. Today, he’s launched the first automated chain for the cannabis industry. But his journey did not come without struggle, and as a young adult, Raichart said he was making some bad life decisions and getting into trouble. So, like many young people lacking direction, he enlisted in the military. 

Tool Control & Process Management

From 1988 to 1993 Raichart said he traveled the world aboard an aircraft carrier for the U.S. Navy, with a Top Secret Clearance; working in avionics, radio, and radar communications, stating, “I enjoyed the demanding work environment and the…


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