What’s in Your Stash? Jeff Houkal, CEO, Invicibowl • High Times


Jeff Houkal is trained as an engineer, with a focus on science and mechanics. But his love for weed stoked the fire of invention, presenting him with the perfect opportunity to create the perfect bowl – the Invincibowl – a seemingly invincible bowl for bongs, made to last a lifetime. 

After receiving an Associate degree in Engineering in 2004 at Bellevue Community College, he then earned a degree in Applied Sciences in engineering in 2004; and went on to garner a Bachelor of Sciences in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Washington in 2006.

As an inventor, Houkal holds seven patents, but feels he’s been inventing his entire life. When a removable skateboard wheel failed to get to market, the experience taught him that navigating the business end of inventing was key to the future of getting his creations in the hands of others. 

“My wife, Gloria, isn’t co-inventor of the Invincibowl, but she was the genesis and inspiration,” he explained. “After she…


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