What’s in Your Stash? Lloyd Kanchan aka Rapoleon Dynamite, Diorama Artist • High Times


In Lloyd Kanchan’s tiny twisted world of weed, a Ninja Turtle crashes on a couch as Master Splinter pinches his stash. In another diorama, painter Bob Ross adds Kanchan’s version of “happy trees” to a painting. Toy figurines of celebrities are paired with film, cartoon, and animated characters seshing, conspiring, and recreating to medicate together.

“I’d seen toy photography before and was always a huge fan of a show called Robot Chicken on Adult Swim,” he shared. “The show used Claymation, but it planted the seed of recreating favorite scenes from TV and film in a funny way. When I added cannabis everything came together perfectly.”

Kanchan grew up in South Central Los Angeles, but now makes his home in San Bernardino, referred to as the Inland Empire of Southern California, with plans on relocating to the high desert.

South Central is infamous for what are now referred to as the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, after a jury acquitted four white police…


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