What’s in Your Stash? Philip Andrews, Founder & CEO of Tree Trunk Studio


Philip Andrews’ love of woodworking is a family tradition, passed down through generations from his grandfather, Gerry Oorthuis, who, with his uncle, migrated from the Netherlands via a labor camp in Hamburg, Germany after World War II. 

“My grandfather learned woodworking from his brother, Henk – a renowned violin and harp maker,” he shared. “My father immigrated to Canada in 1956 and opened a woodworking shop of his own – where I learned. He built custom cabinetry and furniture right up until he died in 1999. He was 80 years old.”

Today, Andrews is still working in the same shop his father established, with a new shingle and focus as Tree Trunk Studio, with his Uncle Tom beside him. 

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Philip (left) and Uncle Tom (right); Courtesy of Philip Andrews

Growing up in Canada with a Dutch mother, Andrews said cannabis was never portrayed in a negative light.

“My mother smoked cannabis in the 1960s and 70s, and still occasionally smokes” he shared….


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