What’s in Your Stash? Salad Brain Productions


Salad Brain is the love child of a group of creative besties who met when they were young, now living in different cities in California, coming together to produce enlightening and lively clips  including art, music, videos, and live-streaming a variety of entertaining media – all inspired and fueled by cannabis.

The group consists of musician, Joe Wachter, aka: Party Bear; barista and hotel front desk agent, Russell Brown, aka: Haybale; server at the OC’s historic White House Restaurant, Chad Litten, aka: Dak; artist, freelance video producer/editor, Ryan Massey, aka: Earthworm; and sometime member, Jake Massey (Ryan’s brother), aka: Jonboi.

They became best friends where they grew up in Yorba Linda, a suburb of Orange County in California.

“We all met during middle and high school – 15 years ago now. We were all in drumline and band,” Litten explained. “Many of us have moved away, but we come back together every other month, usually to film and produce…


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