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I had the pleasure of sitting down with some of the makers of Green Fever, a true-to-life thriller encapsulating the array of threats that marijuana legalization has posed to small farmers. It’s no secret that the grey area created by California’s new marijuana legislation has been leading many into debt, but there’s now an increase in danger to the lives of farmers, who are often disregarded due to the many preconceived notions surrounding them.

Through the lens of a home invasion, weed farmers in Green Feverare represented, not as hick outlaws, but as the struggling, blue collar, hardworking farmers they truly are, now thrust into the unreasonable demands spurred by imprudent regulations.

Sitting down with me were Gerard Roxburgh (Director, Datura Studios), Misha Crosby (Producer, actor), Rick J. Lee (Producer, Prime One), Paul Telfer (Writer, actor) and “Rob”, who I’ll identify by his character name since he’s been forced to operate in the grey area of…


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